Every Wednesday at 9.30 am Kylie at Wild Yoga runs a Yin yoga which is a class designed for gentle stretching and holding for flexibility and relaxation.   An extremely restful practice using props allowing the mind to find stillness.  You can either attend in studio at 394 George Street Windsor or register to attend online.  To book a yoga class please contact

Meet Kylie

Leaving her first class, in the early 90's, energised and light on her feet, she wondered how a few strange movements could have her feeling so in love with everything that surrounded her!

Many years later, in 2007, Kylie decided she wanted to share this joy and began her yoga teacher training journey with the beautiful Swami Sarasvati.

Kylie is forever participating in courses, learning what she can, but finds her students teach her the most. Kylie thrives on change & spontaneity, constantly trying to bring variety and new concepts to her classes. She feels honoured to have the chance to bring the transformative & healing magic of yoga to others.

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