Support Groups

Attending a support group meeting can seem like a daunting prospect for some, particularly the thought of meeting new people and talking about personal things.  At the Pink Finss we aim to make the process as comfortable as possible and in most cases we try to meet one on one with new ladies first to alleviate some of your trepidation.

We have aimed to make our space welcoming and comfortable as possible, so that when you attend support group meetings each month it’s a private and safe space to take some time for you, in the hope that you walk out feeling comforted and supported.

The benefit of attending a support group meeting is that you can connect with others in a similar situation.  There is the opportunity to chat to others who might be undertaking similar treatments, or using the same medical team as you, and you are able to ask questions about what you are experiencing.  Beyond that, sometimes words are not required and it’s just assuring to be amongst others who know exactly how you feel.  As great as it is to have family and friends to support you, the only people who truly understand what you are going through are others on the same path.

We also hold support group dinners every second month as a way of giving those who have returned to work the opportunity to catch up with others outside of work hours.  These dinners are held mid week and in varying local locations.

Upcoming Support Group Meetings

  • Next Women’s Support group meeting
    26th July, 2024

  • Next Men’s Support group meeting
    25th July, 2024

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