•  “Giving ladies access to  high quality organic fruit, vegetables and  groceries, at a time when they are making significant changes to their health, wellbeing and lifestyle is a privilege”.  

    Greenhills Organics

  • “I like to think that what I do for the ladies gives them a sense of relief and peace of mind so that they can concentrate on other important things.  Each day when I enter a home I treat it as if it were my own.  I scan the house looking for the little things I can do to make my clean that extra special for them hoping I can help brighten their day”.

    Mary - Freak N Clean

  • “Having the support of the Pink Finss means I have  regular help with my appointments and daily chores through Wendy’s and that support is invaluable to me at this difficult time”.  


  • "I was in year 9 when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, and that was only 18 months after my dad passed away.  The good thing about the Pink Finss is that they focus not only on the woman diagnosed but on the whole family."

    Joel Pamplin

  • Your financial gift to Katie was generous beyond measure.  It came at an excruciatingly difficult time when the financial burdens imposed by Katie's illness were creating terrible stress.  The difference it made to our lives was HUGE!

    Julie Hickson

  • I feel I lost many things in the last 2 ½ years but what I have gained far outweighs it. The biggest and most precious gain is the gift of friendship and the people that have come into my life that otherwise wouldn’t have. Thank you will never be enough to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude for what you have given me. The work that the Pink Finss does makes such a difference in people’s lives. My life will always be richer for meeting and having these ladies in my life.