Being told you are going to lose your hair from your cancer treatment is usually the most traumatic part of a diagnosis.  Your hair forms a huge part of your identity and when it starts to fall out it’s a very real reminder of what you are going through.  It’s also the time when you are visibly different to look at and you become fearful of now being recognised as the person with cancer not only to friends and family but to strangers when you walk down the street.  These are all common fears and it’s totally understandable to feel this way. 

If you have been told by your oncologist to prepare to lose your hair, then you should expect for your hair to start thinning out within 2-3 weeks of your first chemotherapy treatment.  Some ladies find it easier to pre-empt that moment by cutting their hair very short, or even shaving it off, just before that starts to happen and being prepared with a wig, headwear and scarves.

Blossoms Hair Face Wigs 

We are blessed in the Hawkesbury to have the wonderful services of Blossoms Hair Face Wigs that provide a personalised and private personal wig fitting service out of their beautiful salon in Windsor.  The team at Blossoms understand what you are going through and gently navigate you through the emotional process.  With hundreds of styles to choose from, at many different price points, the girls from Blossoms will work with you to find a perfect match.  And if you are not sure if you want a wig then that’s ok, you can see how they feel and decide for yourself.  There is always the option to forego a wig and chose from Blossoms’ range of beautiful headwear including turbans and scarves that can provide you with some fashionable and comfortable options until your hair grows back.

Blossoms also provide an amazing after sales service and can wash and style your wig, and they ensure you leave with the products you need to maintain not only your wig, but a healthy scalp to promote quality hair regrowth.

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