You are not alone

No one truly knows what you are going through unless you have been diagnosed with cancer.  Over the years our ladies have told us that it’s a time of overwhelming emotions, uncertainty of what is to come and feelings of frustration at your loss of control.  Having a family support and a great circle of friends is fantastic but what really helps is to connect with others who know exactly how you feel.  We hold monthly support group meetings here in the Pink Finss Rooms in Windsor.  Our rooms are very warm and inviting and gives you the privacy you need to feel like you are in a safe space.  We encourage anyone who attends to participate as little or as much as you like but know that we are there and it’s ok to laugh, cry, and just be yourself.

The meetings are always positive and the women who attend the support group meetings are all at different stages of their cancer journey and can offer you their experience, insight and inspiration to help you through your treatment. 

It might take a bit of courage to attend the first meeting, but we promise you that you will walk away feeling supported and relieved that you have other people to talk to who understand how you feel. 

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