Oncology Massage

The benefits of oncology massage are far reaching.  Diane our amazing Oncology Massage Therapist has over 15 years of extensive experience with lymphatic drainage, remedial massage and reflexology, myofascial release, scar tissue management and oncology massage.  You can benefit from having these treatments as it has been shown to reduce some of the side effects of treatment including pain management, nausea, fatigue and anxiety. 

Diane completes a full medical assessment prior to your first appointment and will continue to monitor your progress with each treatment as your condition evolves and changes regularly.   Diane has the skills to help with post-surgical issues and can offer take home exercises and stretches to help those areas that are tight and needing improved mobility.

If you have had lymph nodes removed and you have lymphatic drainage issues as a result then Diane’s massage can help re-direct the fluid to different areas of your body which can alleviate pressure and discomfort.

The light touch treatment is very targeted and specific to your needs and aims to give you the time to focus on YOU.  If nothing else Diane’s gentle and nurturing style will ensure you walk away relaxed and well rested.

Diane is a full member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA).  If you are interested in an appointment with Di please contact info@pinkfinss.com.au 

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