Mental Wellbeing

We are often told that a cancer diagnosis is an “emotional rollercoaster”.  You are on the ride of your life and navigating the ups and downs along the way.  No two days are the same and your life is suddenly consumed with appointments, tests, treatment, scans, surgeries, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and out of control at times. 

Whilst having a healthy mindset is important it’s not always easy to maintain a positive attitude and it is easy to succumb to feelings or fear, uncertainty and stress which can have a negative impact on not only you but your loved ones too.

Quite often the mental anguish continues after treatment is finished as you contemplate what you have been through and life after cancer.  There is also a fear of recurrence and the anxiety that comes around every time you have your follow up scans.   

The Pink Finss offers mental health support not just for the person diagnosed but for the immediate family as well as we understand a cancer diagnosis can effect those around you.

Finding the right mental health provider that you can connect with is vital and that is why we have a variety of providers that we refer to. 

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