Either in studio or online B Pilates in Richmond offers a service just for you, at beginners, intermediate or advance levels.   In studio you will be using a reformer which is a great way of gently stretching and toning your body.  Online Beck offers a range of different classes that you can do from the comfort of your own home, and with our without props.   To book a pilates class please contact info@pinkfinss.com.au

Meet Beck

I’m Beck the owner and principal instructor of B Pilates established in Richmond 2014.

I am passionate about sharing the power of moderate exercise. So many people want to exercise but are put off the by the intense way fitness is portrayed and it really doesn’t need be that way to be effective. Exercise is for life. There are so many options to suit all, whatever you choose you definitely need to include some kind of core and stretching.

Pilates just has it packaged up so nicely, you are still getting a workout, toning, strengthening but also sneakily getting those remedial stretching, core, glute, posture, foot, ankle, shoulder, hip, neck elements too. Pilates is technical that’s why it works, its ok to work hard but focus should always be on correct technique rather that how may reps or how much resistance. 


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