Meet the Extended Team - Oncology Massage therapist Diane

The most popular service the Pink Finss offers is oncology massage averaging over 34 treatments a month.  Diane Mifsud has over 15 years experience specialising in oncology massage and has worked with the Pink Finss and their clients for the last two years.  We take some time to learn about oncology massage and the benefits it provides.

What is oncology massage?

Oncology massage focuses on the quality of the cancer journey by providing a specialised “light touch” treatment.  Di takes all things into consideration including the client’s medical condition and can adopt different modalities to suit the needs of the patient.  For example some client’s have scar tissue problems, limited movement due to surgery, lymphoedema and fluid retention due to the loss of lymph nodes. etc. 

How can oncology massage help?

Oncology massage has shown to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation such as nausea, fatigue, pain management, anxiety and lack of sleep.  It’s also great post surgery as it can improve mobility and provide relief from any discomfort caused from the cancer. 

“It can be very confronting for our patients when they first come to have a massage and often our ladies find it hard to give themselves permission to take some time out for themselves. My aim is to provide a harmonious environment for them to encourage wellbeing, peace and relaxation and if I can help them forget their problems for a while and make them feel physically better afterwards then my job is done”, says Diane.

Our ladies love Diane and the service she offers.  Besides being great at her job Di gets to know our ladies and provides just the caring and nurturing ear that they need.

“I had never heard of oncology massage until I got cancer and now I couldn’t do without it.  It allows me to continue doing the things I love with the movement it has given back to me whilst being relaxed and made to feel special.  It is something nice when things are tough.”  Heather.


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