Our Mission

Jodie and Rob consider themselves to be the lucky ones. They were able to manage the expense and logistics of Jodie’s treatment, with plenty of help from friends and family. But as she went through her treatment and in her travels since, Jodie has become aware of others who aren’t so lucky. Women with families who are struggling not only with the actual treatment but the other things as well, sometimes it’s the little things that can really get you down.

While undergoing her breast cancer treatment, Jodie had to travel 50 to 60 kms for each session, making things just that little bit harder. But it was the lack of a local support group where Jodie could share her hopes, fears and dreams that really had an impact. With this in mind, the Pink Finss Charity have three missions.

To Support

To create a supportive environment for any woman who is currently suffering from breast cancer.

To Educate

To raise awareness of breast cancer and its effects, while encouraging all women to be breast aware and have regular check-ups.

To Really Help

To raise money that will be spent primarily on local Hawkesbury women suffering from breast cancer and their families. Whether you need financial, emotional or practical support, we want to help!