Mel Chapman

In January this year I was given the news that no woman wants to receive, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

They say in life there is a positive side to everything but for a short time I really struggled to believe that, that was  until I attended my first support group meeting with the Pink Finns. I can honestly say that my battle with this disease has been a lot easier thanks to the support and love from my  Pink Finss family. I call it my Pink Finns family because to me thats what it is! It is not just a charity that can help you with medical expenses, provide you meals, clean your house or arrange much needed counselling. NO it is much more than that! It provides something that money cannot buy, they understand your battles like  nobody else can. It  provides advice through experience that no one else has. And it helps you to not feel alone in this battle by replacing loneliness  with love support and positivity. 

I cannot express my thanks and gratitude to you all for your continued  support of this wonderful charity. My life and the lives of my Pink Finns family have been positively changed because of the generosity of each and every one of you. From the bottom of my heart Thank you!!

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