Naomi Leigh-Bulmer

Naomi-Leigh’s positive attitude and sense of self preservation facing this situation to me was beyond admirable.  A strength I longed to replicate, but as a passenger, it’s hard to fight the feeling of helplessness.

Whilst Naomi-Leigh had spent some time here growing up, we had been living in the Hawkesbury only two and a half years at the time of her initial diagnosis. The generosity and compassion that we have received through the Pink Finss Charity and the very special people around it, is without doubt the greatest feeling of community I have ever experienced. Their efforts are so direct and so wonderfully effective.

Their support network provided so much emotionally for Naomi-Leigh in ways her family could not and the financial and domestic support from them provided enormous relief from the impersonal everyday business of life, enabling more time for us to focus on the personal. It gave Naomi-Leigh more time with our children, gave us more time as a family and gave her some much needed time for herself.

This is support they are continuing to provide my family and other families just like it.

My gratitude to them for this is never ending and to everyone here supporting them, I thank you.

Nick Bulmer

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