How Blossoms transforms lives with wigs

Losing your hair when diagnosed with cancer is when most of our ladies have a “melt down”.  Up until this point they are living in a bubble of shock from the diagnosis, to endless medical appointments, scans, biopsies, treatment plans, etc and it’s not until the treatment starts and their hair falls out that they look in the mirror and the person they see actually looks like they have cancer.  From this point on having no hair is a constant reminder of the fight they are fighting and now when they leave the house they will be identified as someone who has cancer.  For Michelle Follington who owns Blossoms Hair Face Wigs in Windsor, she loves to nurture a woman through this process and the results that she brings transforms a woman’s outlook and gives her back the confidence to get up and keep on going every day through treatment.

What made you go into the field of wig fitting?

I actually purchased the salon and it already sold wigs, not many but enough to spike my interest. I just immersed myself in learning about wigs and I found that I loved the process of helping ladies and children with hair loss.  We now carry over 300 wig styles and women travel from all over Sydney to get their wigs because of the personalised service and experience Blossoms can provide. 

What are the benefits of being fitted properly for a good quality wig?

When you come into Blossom for a wig fitting we look at sizing and we discuss what type of fibre is going to work best for you, maintenance wise and for the look that you are after. Buying a wig that is fitted properly is key to being happy with the wig from day 1.  An incorrect wig size can impact both how it looks on your head and also how it feels. 

What does an average wig cost?

The average cost of a synthetic wig will be between $400 and $800. Human hair starts at $1250.  Some women chose to not bother with a wig and for them we are able to offer a large range of headwear which are made from high quality products and offer overall comfort and style.  It’s great to know that we can give women and children choices to look their best and feel comfortable at this time.

How have the women you met changed your outlook on life?

Helping women and children find their perfect hair has impacted my life greatly. I often have people say to me you have changed my life or what you do for these people is amazing, I believe this to be true because I feel exactly the same. I spend time with each person and I am touched and honoured to be helping them whatever way I can. 

Explain your relationship with the Pink Finss

I am so proud to be able to say that we have sponsored Pink Finss events for 3 years now and each year we are able to support them more. We work together in helping our ladies the best way we know how and we share a common goal of wanting to care and nurture them through their cancer experience. 

For us at Pink Finss, it’s not just access to great quality wigs and headwear that is important but it’s the overall experience and knowing that our ladies can go to Blossoms and have a wig fitting in complete privacy, and get the support and encouragement they need.  The Pink Finss contributes towards the cost of a wig for of our ladies and we have referred over 21 ladies to Blossoms for wigs and headwear alone.  It’s one of the most rewarding parts of the job because you are actually giving these ladies back their confidence, their smile and the get up and go they need to keep going through their treatment.  It’s life changing!

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