"I'm doing this for mum"

Our youngest members of the fundraising team to participate alongside Jodie on her 11km a day for 11 day challenge is Lachy and best mate Ben.

For Lachy, this challenge meant more than just pushing himself to exercise daily and participate for a cause.  Lachy needed to do something to make himself feel like he was making an actual difference for people like his mum Kelly who was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 at just 40 years of age.

Now 12 years old Lachy remembers what it was like 5 years ago to be told that his mum had cancer "it was very scary and hard because I didn't really understand what that meant".

Lachy now knows the impact a cancer diagnosis has on a family and is grateful that the Pink Finss has been there to support his family during this time.  “Mum has had lots of surgeries and treatment over the years which has made her very sick so the help at home like cleaning and meals has been great and taken the pressure off mum and dad”. 

Just as his mum Kelly is embarking on another round of weekly chemotherapy, Lachy felt he needed to do something to give both him and his mum something positive to focus on.  “I decided to ask my mate Ben to do this challenge with me and together we are running a total of 66 kms over 11 days.  We are over half way now and it’s been tough to run some days but whenever I feel like quitting I just think of my mum, and women like her, and know that they have to keep going every day even when they feel like quitting, so my pain is nothing compared to what they go through”.

I hope that by doing this challenge I can make people see how lucky we are to have the Pink Finss who help women like my mum, and that people donate so the Pink Finss can help many others.

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