Dying to Know

Have you ever realised that nearly everything in life is planned?  You plan your career, where you work, what you do every day, where you live, you plan to start a family, you plan to celebrate milestones all throughout your life… but when it comes to the end of your life for most people there is very little planning involved and loved ones are left to make decisions on your care, your medical treatment and eventually how your life is celebrated after you are gone.  For the month of August Dying to Know Day encourages people to have conversations with loved ones about their wishes for the end of their life.  Having those conversations and planning in advance means you have control over those big decisions and you have assurance that your wishes will be carried out when the time comes.  At Pink Finss it is our wish to help our ladies have those conversations and organise their wishes so that it is one less thing they have to worry about during their treatment.  We have partnered with local organisation Rafton Family Lawyers who are offering their services to our ladies which doesn’t just include wills and estate planning but they can also assist with accessing superannuation and insurance.

Principal Kate Rafton says “At Raftons, we have always had a strong sense of community and a desire to help those in need. Working with a charity like Pink Finss means that we can help women in need in our local community by providing access to legal services that will really make a difference. Having the right legal tools and advice at hand will give them peace of mind and reassurance during a difficult time in their lives.”

If this is something that is always on your “to do” list and you just don’t know where to start now might be the time to have a conversation with your loved ones about what your wishes are and then follow it up with a visit to a lawyer to have it all documented properly.  Alternatively you can visit The Groundswell Project for some tips on how to talk about it with your family and resources on the things you need to consider.

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