Cancer during COVID

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer whilst in the middle of a pandemic.  First you are faced with the shock of your diagnosis, then the uncertainty about what your future looks like, and then you are told you are facing months of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  NOW MORE THAN EVER you need your family and friends around you but you are in the middle of a pandemic and are isolated in lockdown.

For Windsor resident Ashley, she is one of 16 ladies in the Hawkesbury who have JUST been diagnosed with cancer since this lockdown began and who have reached out to the Pink Finss for support.  

“Being told you have cancer is terrifying and my initial thoughts were “how am I going to get through this alone?  But when I was put in touch with the Pink Finss I was immediately connected to Founder Jodie Amor and I instantly felt at ease knowing that she understood how I felt.  I then received beautiful flowers letting me know that the Pink Finss were there for me.  Now I am a part of their online support group network who regularly catch up and I am able to ask questions to other women who have been through the treatment that I am about to start which has been so helpful and has just put my mind at ease.”

In addition to the newly diagnosed ladies like Ash, there are over 30 other ladies at Pink Finss who are currently going through various cancer treatments and are facing all the hospital visits and major surgeries alone with no support people allowed. That is why having this online connection through Pink Finss is so important.

Whilst all in home services for the Pink Finss have been put on hold meaning we can’t send cleaners into homes, and our ladies can’t have their usual oncology massage, we can still offer support in other ways.  We can organise meals, wigs, Love Your Warrior gift boxes and access to mental health services.  For those facing daily radiation, we can also arrange transport to and from hospital. 

Ash has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has already had surgery to start her treatment.  As chemotherapy and radiation awaits Ash knows she is not alone and thanks to Pink Finss, Ash says she can feel the love of the Hawkesbury community around her.

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